This Law, enacted in February of 2019, regulates the illicit marketing of pharmaceutical products, hydrocarbons, products and derivatives of alcohol and tobacco. The Specialized Prosecuting Office against the Illicit Trade of Goods and Crimes of the DR Attorney General’s Office, is in charge of its prosecution.

The monitoring and control of products is overseen by the National Institute for the Protection of Consumer Rights (Pro-Consumidor). The surveillance of the pharmaceutical sector is overseen by the Ministry of Public Health. 

Law No. 17-19 provides administrative sanctions, and criminal and civil liability penalties for its violations. The violations will be considered transnational in any of the following circumstances:

  1. When it’s committed in more than one country;
  2. When it’s committed within a single country, but a substantial part of its preparation, planning, direction or control is executed in another country;
  3. When it’s committed within a country but involves the participation of an organized criminal group that carries out criminal activities in more than one country;
  4. When it is committed in one country but has substantial effects in another country.