Law No. 544-14 of International Private Law enacted on October 15, 2014
This Law regulates the international private relations of civil and commercial nature in the Dominican Republic, in particular, (i) the extent and limits of the Dominican jurisdiction; (ii) the determination of the applicable law; and (iii) the terms of the recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments. Dominican and foreigners have the same access to Dominican Courts.
Real Property Release
The Dominican Tax authorities issued the General Rule No. 08-2014 for the release of property to those individuals and companies that have sold a property and whose purchaser has not made the payment to the Real Estate Transfer Tax on time. This Statement was issued in order to prevent inconveniences when new owners do not transfer their real properties in the term provided by the law.
Proposed Solution for the Overlapping of Real Property
There are over 365,000 cases of lots, of which 230,000 overlap in less than 1%. The Supreme Court of Justice issued Rule No. 3764-2014 in an effort to resolve the overlapping of land surveys. Historically there have been location and displacement errors on the land surveys in the Dominican Republic.
New Criminal Code
A new Criminal Code of the Dominican Republic was enacted under Law 550-14 dated December 26, 2014, and will enter in effect on December 19th, 2015. This Code increases the maximum penalty from 30 years to 40 years and establishes maximum fines of 40-50 minimum wages.
Unsolicited Commercial Communications
Law No. 310-14, enacted on August 8 2014, addresses unsolicited commercial communications via email. This Law stipulates that all electronic commercial communications must contain the term “publicidad”, the Spanish language equivalent of “commercial advertisement”, in the subject field. If the communication is related to the sale or distribution of goods and services of sexual content, which should only be read by adults, the message will include the phrase “publicidad para adultos”, the Spanish language equivalent of “commercial advertisement for adults”.
Data Law Protection
Data Protection Law No. 172-13 was enacted on December 13, 2013 (Data Protection Law). The objective of the Law is to ensure the protection of personal data located in files, records, bank data, or other technical means and to regulate the processing of data recorded on any known means or future means, whether owned by private or public entities, in the Dominican Republic.

In addition to establishing a system for the protection of personal data, the Data Protection Law also regulates the incorporation, organization, activities, performance, and termination of the Credit Information Companies, as well as credit reference services and their provision of information to the market. This Law aims to guarantee and protect the public liberties and fundamental rights of individuals, especially their dignity and integrity. It also regulates the
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