Areas of Practice

We specialize in understanding the needs of our customers to provide solutions tailored to their legal needs. For more information about our services, please select the following links:

Real Estate Law

We provide legal counsel in any real estate transactions.

A multidisciplinary team advises our clients in each stage of the real estate investment, including the due diligence processes to protect the investor, the design of the corporate structure, the evaluation and mitigation of the fiscal impact, the drafting of contracts, the purchase and sale of real estate, registration or elimination of liens and encumbrances, assistance in obtaining construction and environmental permits.

Investigation and Asset Recovery

We work together with researchers, experts in forensic technology, accountants and other specialists to research assets in and out of the Dominican Republic. We work with a network of lawyers specialized in asset recovery worldwide.

Corporate and Commercial Law

We focus on understanding or client’s businesses and needs to advice on the incorporation of their companies, contracts, protection of their intellectual property, consortium for projects, mergers and acquisitions, advise to create and participate in biddings, corporate restructure and dissolutions. We also provide the service of corporate legal audit to measure the compliance with the applicable laws and regulations and to minimize potential claims and lawsuits.

Intellectual Property

We work on all aspects related to intellectual property rights in the Dominican Republic, such as trademark and trade name registries, patent registration, copyright, advice and enforcement of property rights Intellectual property, and purchase, sale or grant of rights licenses and IP litigation.

Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

We analyze the risk of potential liabilities and the probability of success on each case and identify the most cost-effective solution for our clients.